Ryan Venn

Ryan Venn is a Freshman at John Hersey High School. He was interested in Huskie Radio from the moment he was told about it during Freshman orientation. Rock music is his thing, which he often displays on the shirts he wears. When he is not playing songs on Huskie Radio, he is also involved in Improv Club, Film Club and Speech Team. At home he likes to play guitar, write and also cook. Like what you hear from Ryan?  Buy him a Twix, his favorite candybar.

Favorite Bands: Green Day, AC/DC, Van Halen, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182
Favorite Songs: "Jump" "Separate Ways" "Surrender" "When I Come Around" "Dammit"

The Rock Show, hosted by Ryan Venn, can be heard live on Orange Days from 2pm-3pm. Rebroadcasts of his show can be heard every night from 8 - 9. Check it out.

Matthew G

Matthew Grajkowski is a freshman at John Hersey High School.  An avid collector of autographs, Matthew appeared on a recent episode of the ARCLight Podcast.  When he is not playing music on Huskie Radio, he can be found at Student Council and Polish Club. His favorite class is Human Geo and he is "really into politics." He likes Kit Kat candy bars, so get him one why don't you?

Favorite Bands: The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, & Elton John
Favorite Type of music: Pop

You can hear Matthew G everyday Monday-Friday after school from 3-4pm on Huskie Radio.


DJ Benny (aka Ben Haines) is a junior at John Hersey High School and can be found LIVE on Huskie Radio every morning from roughly 8 - 8:30. He'll be playing a lot of pop, including some of his favorite bands such as Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5.  Pasta is is go to food, and if you want to give him candy to play a song, Airheads will do.

At Hersey High School, he likes choir and musical theater, and plans to major in business and musical theater.


DJ O-Dog  (aka Owen Watson) is a Junior at John Hersey High School. He is a big fan of the Who -- the song "Pinball Wizard" brings a smile to his face. He loves Pop and Rock. His favorite bands are the Beatles, Aerosmith, the Who and Jimi Hendrix. Mac & Cheese is his go-to food, and M&M's are his favorite candy. 

At Hersey High School his is involved in SOS and also plays drums on the side. 

O-Dog can be heard most mornings and during A Lunch.


DJ magnet (aka Ben Diaz) is a sophomore at John Hersey High School. He likes any type of music, depending on his mood. You can often find him after school, hanging out with Matthew G in the ARC Studio.  He DJs every Brown day from 9-10am.

Favorite Bands: Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Dua Lipa